A22. €35,000 PROASTEIO
Five minutes from the
sea, this wonderful old
house has collapsed
upstairs, leaving the
downstairs vaults and
terraces intact.  Could
have three bedrooms.
The garden has vines and
orange trees.
A21. €26,500 EXOHORI
Small (about 50 sq m) but
perfectly formed, this two
hundred  year old cottage
has four rooms in total - up
to you to decide which is
used for what.  Roof repair,
plumbing and wiring
A17.  €35,000 RIGLIA
Three properties on the edge of a most
desirable village - a two roomed stable,
illustrated, which could be extended
upwards; another 2 storey little house
which also has a generous garden
with olive trees for €50,000, and an
olive grove over the road for €16,000.
A19.  €170,000 PLATSA
Half a huge aristocratic
house of 16 rooms. Used
to boast busts of the
builder & his wife over the
balcony. Still has
incredible carved detail &
great ceiling height.
Liveable in upstairs with
lovely views from vine
covered balcony.
A11.  €50,000  PYRGOS
REDUCED TO €35,000!
The Monolithic House with massive
foundation stones, secret passages
to escape from pirates, vaults and a
well - is very romantic but not very big.
Could have 2 double bedrooms with
clever reorganisation of space. A few
minutes above Stoupa
A18.  €50,000  PROSILIO  
A 3 storey house with a new roof & 180
degree view of mountains, gorges,
coastal villages and infinite sea. There
is parking space and an enclosed
garden with prickly pears and an outside
loo. A huge stone bread oven in the
kitchen has covered internal walls in
soot thus doing the initial appearance
no favours. Potentially 2/3 bedrooms.
Ten minutes from sea.
A14.   €58,360  SAIDONA
REDUCED TO €49,000!
Gazing down over Stoupa and the
whole Mani coastline, this village has
arguably the best views in the Mani.
This sweet house right at the top of
the village is sound but needs
extending either upwards   or  
forwards (or both!)to make the most
of its incredible views.
A15. €50,000  NEOHORI
Massive potential in a  village  just
above Stoupa. Two enormous old
buildings - the tower at the front is
probably 18th century - create the
possibility of at least four bedrooms
with  spacious living areas inside and
out - once you have removed the
current jungle in the garden!
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A24. €125,000 EXOHORI
On the edge of a tiny
mountain gorge village
with a garden & super
sea views. Short stroll
to tavernas and coffee
shops & 10' drive to the
beach - best of all
worlds! This huge
house can be lived in
now, but with a bit of
work could be one of
the best houses in the
A12. €220,000  TRAHILA
OK it is only a group of ruins but they have
privacy, masses of land and nothing but
olives between them and the sea. They
are  within walking distance of a little
harbour village at the end of the line with
coffee shops and a taverna. There is now
a private road up to the site.
A20. €73,500 NOMITSI
In a totally traditional
village in the south, just
ten minutes from Ag Nik,
this three storey tower
house (click on pic) and
extensions and vaults
round a courtyard, is built
of the wonderful 'pink'
stone unique to the area.
Would cost about the
A7. €65,000  PETROVOUNI
Industrial space in the Mani! This ex
olive press has huge height & footprint.
On top of Kardamyli, there is potential
for panoramic views of sea &
mountains, mezzanine floors,
accomodation, & an amazing artist's
studio . You can of course ignore the
studio bit and just live in it, but whoever
buys it should have an 'eye'!
A13. €160,000  PIGI
This may not seem like a ruin at all, but if
you click on the pic you'll see that one
house is in good condition, the roof of
the other has fallen in! Ten minutes from
the beach, this lovely little village is
flowery bliss in the summer. You could
live in the house while fixing it. A
possible 3 bedrooms, a well, both shady
& sunny courtyards.
A4. €39,000 TSERIA
An historic house with
views to  die for, only 20
minutes from the
beaches of  Kardamyli
and Kitries. Although not
big, there is an open
plan kitchen & comfy
living room (with super
views) upstairs, and a
bedroom and bathroom
downstairs. A long
garden (with amazing
views) leads to a large
ruin awaiting renovation
REDUCED TO €60,000
Fabulous house in this
lively village equidistant
(20") between Kardamyli &
Kalamata, 12" from the
sea. The previous owners
have done a lot of work & it
could be lived in while the
rest is finished. It will have
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
living room with open plan
kitchen, an office,  large
verandas & vine covered
courtyard / garden where
you could also park.
A9. €49,000  KALYVES
Literally five minutes drive to Kardamyli,
or a short hike down the dried up river
bed, this beautiful old house used to
have a Mani tower at the side which
could easily be restored. Being on the
edge of the village, there is no fear of  
your view ever being blocked - doubly
true because it comes with 600 m of
land in front which includes an old stone
threshing floor. Possibilities are infinite.
A8 €60,000 PYRGOS
One of the original Pyrgos houses, built in
the 18th century and added to until there
are now six bedrooms, plus plenty of other
rooms! Connected to water and electricity,
the house could be lived in while renovation
work goes on. There are 2 vine-covered
courtyards, and an independent cottage,
currently containg a bread oven, but with
bed-sit possibilities. There are views of the
sea and Stoupa's beaches are 8 minutes
drive away.
A1. €120,000 PYRGOS
REDUCED TO €60,000
A Real Mani tower built in
1860, three storeys high
with lovely big living room,
2 bedrooms, 2 large
vaults, a WC, a kitchen &
fireplace, a courtyard, but
above all a fantastic view
over the Messinian Gulf
towards the sunset. The
house needs work, but is
structurally sound.  Pyrgo
is a beautiful unspoilt
village with a bar & coffee
shop, just 5 minutes
above Stoupa's  beaches
A6. €35,000 LAKKO
Named after a nearby
underground lake & only
5" above Kardamyli, this  
tiny village is full of lovely
old houses. This one
seems small - just one
living room upstairs & a
kitchen & bedroom down,
but there is a large ruin
plus a garden with it, into
which you could extend
the house if you wish..
The sea views from it are
just wonderful.
A2. €325,000 KARDAMYLI
One of the most important
buildings on the High St of
the capital of West Mani - a
village near impossible to
buy into - this spacious  
building is opposite Mani
Town Hall! (see pic above)
You would be allowed to
raise it another storey &
extend into the large
garden behind - almost
twice the existing 2 storey
space. Easily returned to
its original stone, you'd be
contributing to the beauty
of  Kardamyli -  however
you decide to use it .
A16.  €29,000 PROSILIO
All offers considered
Less than 10 minutes above Kardamyli
and the sea in this charming 'sun-facing'
village, the house has two large rooms
upstairs and a smaller room below. It
needs a kitchen and bathroom installing,
and a terrace could be created upstairs
giving views all the way down the coast.
The garden round it is for sale, if you wish.
A5.  €70,000  KALYVES
A truly marvellous location!
Right at the front of this
village,only 5 minutes  from
Kardamyli, with unobstructed
sea views. This unfinished
renovation project wouldn't
take long or cost much - you
can already live in it in the
summer. It could have three
bedrooms, two bathrooms,
two living rooms, a kitchen
and a terrace with sea views.
There is plenty of garden
space and if you wish you
could extend the house to
250 sq m!!
A23. €300,000  PLATSA
When Platsa was capital of
the region, this was the
mayor's office and dwelling.
Sleeps at least twelve, with
a huge living room, dining
room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms,
massive terrace, sea views
and this is not to mention  
offices downstairs which I
haven't seen yet! Some
renovation work is needed.